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Matt Nathanson

Modern Love

After years of keeping himself afloat with a great live show, Matt Nathanson finally had some success with his last album. Matt’s Vanguard Records release, “Some Mad Hope” was a huge breakthrough for him on a national level. He found the right label, made the right record, and got lucky with some single success. Here in 2011 a couple of years later, there’s no small amount of anticipation for Matt’s latest album, “Modern Love.” It entered into the Billboard Top 200 at #17 it’s week of release, Matt’s highest position on the chart ever. So there are a lot of expectations, but I’m happy to tell you that it surpasses them. What’s interesting about “Modern Love”, is how much different it is from Matt’s previous releases. It doesn’t have the epic swoon and crash feel that “Some Mad Hope” has, it has a lighter and breezier vibe to it. For the most part it’s a pleasant record. That’s something that Matt’s really never done before. It’s not all pleasant; there’s some sadness and anger in a few songs too, but even those have some kind of cheerful undertone to them. Just because these songs are a tad happy, that doesn’t take away from how good they are. Out of all of these songs, you can listen to them and say honestly that he couldn’t have done anything better. Choruses, verses, production, writing… it all feels right with “Modern Love.” The production might get overlooked here because the songs are so good, but Nathanson and his producer Mark Weinberg did a terrific job. They use accents and effects incredibly effective. Case and point, the piano accents on “Queen of (K)nots.” Matt Nathanson’s “Modern Love” is a great album, he’s topped “Some Mad Hope” hopefully even more people take notice this time out.


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