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Originally starting life as The Nothing, Crossfade have come by a lucrative deal with Columbia as a result of the album ‘Cold’ that they self released in 2002 when the band had changed their moniker to the interim Sugardaddy Superstar. Indeed 8 out of 10 songs that comprise this major label debut originally appeared on ‘Cold’.
Columbia decided that only minor tweaking-courtesy of Randy Staub-was required in order for the material to reach the required standard for release. That said the overall sound is poor, with a drum machine and lack of clarity in the top end dominating the mix and ultimately detracting from the songs. The whole album has the feeling of a glorified demo. The material that lies within is a mixed bag; first single ‘Cold’ is as good an alternative radio hit as you are likely to hear, somewhat amusingly sounding like fellow alt-rock band Cold. Elsewhere ‘Death Trend Setta’ brings to mind early Nickelback whilst ‘The Deep End’ borrows heavily from Linkin Park, the influence easy to hear throughout the album with the use of samples and turntables. Being influenced by other genres of music and even by other bands has always been an integral part of any band’s make up. However blatantly ripping off Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ as Crossfade do on ‘Dead Skin’ really is pushing it too far, resulting in an album that doesn't quite match up to modern production ideals and sees Crossfade struggling for any true identity.


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