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Foo Fighters

Wasting Light

Most albums have their highlights, and Wasting Light is no exception. Yet it’s harder to pull off an album that also has little by way of “filler” tracks, and for that, the Foo Fighters should be commended here. Though they’ve never lost their reputation for being one of the more well-respected modern rock acts, the band's previous few albums were largely unremarkable (especially their last, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace - “The Pretender” notwithstanding). Maybe it took Dave Grohl’s extended detour with Them Crooked Vultures to properly re-energize, but that’s what has happened. Recorded in Grohl’s garage with Butch Vig (Nevermind, Siamese Dream) overseeing things, Wasting Light has a brash garage-rock feel to it, yet also sounds sculpted with incredible care. Opener “Bridge Burning” manages to distill every quintessential Foo Fighters sound into one song, while lead single “Rope” bears a subtle Rush influence, particularly in Taylor Hawkins’ drumming. Other potential singles-in-waiting include “These Days”, “Back & Forth” and “Walk”, but there’s nary a skippable track to be found among the bunch (perhaps “Dear Rosemary” and slow burner “I Should Have Known” are the only ones slow to stick). In short, Wasting Light won’t waste your money, or your time.


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