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Thank You Good Night!

As a live album, ‘Thank You Goodnight’ provides a more than suitable epitaph to the recording career of Birmingham Alabama’s Lynam after five studio albums. It’s certainly not the greatest live record ever, but it provides a warts and all picture of the band’s recording career starting with the debut album ‘White Trash Superstar’ through ‘Life in Reverse’ -possibly the bands finest hour-finishing with the band’s last studio album ‘Tragic City Symphony’, a slick finale where they even got Beau Hill to produce the song ‘A Million Ways’. It is hard to see why Lynam never broke the big-time, they rubbed shoulders with the elite, touring with 18 Visions, Hinder and Puddle of Mudd amongst others and as a result of song-writer Jacob Bunton’s talent they had a wealth of material that could easily have translated into mainstream success. ‘Thank –you Goodnight’ pulls all the material together into a neat package that will have you reaching for Lynam’s back catalogue. Peppy pop tunes like ‘Disco King’( a song that appeared on the Mars Electric album ‘Fame Among The Vulgar’) and ‘Just Say Anything’ from the most recent offering sit happily alongside the more overtly eighties influenced material like ‘It’s All In Your Head’ or the powerful alt-rock of ‘Tanis’. All in all the album is a fair representation of the bands history and as the material was selected by a vote by fans on Lynam’s website, it’s very difficult to criticize the selection, although the fade outs between tracks slightly spoil the overall spontaneous feel of a live album. Overall though a worthy final release by a highly underrated band.


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