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3 Doors Down

Us And The Night

As one of the last few bands standing from the post-grunge era of music, 3 Doors Down has gone through some changes since their last album. They have a new guitarist and a new bassist. At this point, the only original members left of the group are Brad Arnold and Chris Henderson. They also have gone through some changes with their sound too. From here on out you’re likely to hear a more middling sound from 3 Doors Down – and that’s saying something based on the band’s sound overall.

“Into the Dark” was produced by Matt Wallace and it sounds far different than the band’s previous work. The guitars are given a more organic feel and they’re overdriven minimally. There’s also more of a focus on Arnold’s vocal here than there’s been in previous years. It’s a welcome change and it’s something new, but it’s not enough to put this record onto the same level as the band’s previous work.

The main problem here is that with the middling sound of this album, the songs are all pretty average too. There’s nothing here that stands out as great and nothing that you’d actually like to see the band perform live instead of any of their hits.

3 Doors Down has had a career that’s spanned two decades – that’s pretty impressive. They’ve also got tons of number one hits and number one albums too. At this point – the band’s in their touring phase of their career. They can play 50-100 dates out of the year and introduce a new record every eight years or so. This record is the first album in that process. 3 Doors Down fans will listen to this and probably like it. It's a good record, it just isn't on the same level as the band's previous albums.


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