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Escape The Fate

Escape The Fate

Produced by Don Gilmore, Escape the Fate’s new self-titled album is also their major label debut. Removed from a streak of horrific drama the band is out to redefine themselves and music in general. Maybe this album won’t do that, but I can certainly respect the ambition. This album does have some exceptional qualities. It’s a diverse album in which no song on the album sounds like another. Every song is unique, not every song is great, but every song is unique. The production on this album is its most impressive attribute. It’s fantastic from start to finish and it’s one of the best sounding albums that I’ve heard in a couple of years. The other main highlight from this album is the work of vocalist Craig Mabbit. He’s fantastic here from start to finish. Mixed with the writing of Max Green and the rest of the band, Craig Mabbit’s vocal work here is exceptional. All of these songs are different but on a strong number of them- there’s a hook where Mabbit has to push things and scream/sing in the higher range of his vocals. What’s produced is something that sounds a lot like the choruses on Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory”, obviously the music’s not close to the same- but when listening to some of these choruses, that’s what comes to mind. Escape the Fate’s new album is definitely the band’s best work, and one of the best hard rock albums to come out this year. All of the songs are diverse and the production and sound quality of the record is second to none.


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