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Runaway City

Armored Heart

There are very few new bands out there that when you listen to them you know that they’ll be a band that you’ll follow for at least another two albums. Runaway City is one of those bands. The song-writing and polish of the songs on the band’s debut album already compare to bands like Green River Ordinance and the amount of talent that this young band showcases on just 10 songs is staggering. “Armored Heart” isn’t a perfect record, but it’s good enough to forget about what few minor flaws it has. For most bands that have done well in music over the past ten years there has been an exceptional debut album, Runaway City has an exceptional debut album. Fans of Alternative Addiction are familiar with the song “Fade”, and before listening to the album I thought it was a fluke song. The truth is that “Fade” just scratches the surface of quality material on this record. Other songs to check out include “Daybreak”, “Save Me”, and “No Escape.”It’s not for the ultra-independent crowd; it’s of the pop-rock variety of music, but it’s an excellent album and one that you should check out immediately.


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