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Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots

It's interesting that Stone Temple Pilots would release a self-titled album nearly 20 years into their career (following a lengthy hiatus, of course). Funny then, that it's the album where they sound the least like themselves. Of course this is a band that has continuously evolved and toyed with new styles from album to album, but they've never sounded like they were deliberately mimicking other artists as much as they do here. Vocalist Scott Weiland and other members have talked about this album having a heavy '60s vibe, and they weren't kidding. However there's also plenty of big '70s arena rock and hints of blues and glam thrown in too, yet very little of the '90s alternative that STP are known for. There's the obvious Beatles-inspired cuts like "Bagman" (which also may remind you of the "Batman" theme song, given how Weiland sings the title), while "Huckleberry Crumble" perfectly duplicates Aerosmith's groovy swagger. There's dashes of Cheap Trick, Zeppelin and The Doors as well, and if Weiland wasn't trying to sound just like Bowie on penultimate track "First Kiss On Mars", I'll stop writing about music.


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