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The Rocket Summer

Of Men and Angels

The latest from The Rocket Summer shows Bryce Avary taking some risks with his music while maintaining the key components from his previous work. What has always made his music great remains on "Of Men and Angels." There a ton of energy, passion, and intensity in the music. Some people make music like they've got nothing to lose. Bryce's music has such urgency to it that it feels like he has everything to lose. You can tell that in the music and in his vocals. There are some slight differences though and that's what makes this record great. This album was co-produced by Bryce. Ultimately he was the boss in the recording process. Strangely, nothing was lost in the music. The album sounds incredible and a few solos were added to this record and there weren't a lot of those solos on the last record. The main advantage with this record being largely self-produced is that you can hear that throughout the album in subtle oddities. Where a producer would have told him to take out a few notes here and there or shorten a song, Bryce didn't have to do that and it really worked to his advantage. "Of Men and Angels" should do great things for The Rocket Summer. It's an outstanding record filled with urgency and passion and there's a ton to like.


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