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Never Shout Never

What is Love? EP

Never Shout Never’s “What is Love?” EP is light and fun. A lot like the previous EP. There’s lots of thought put into the creation of the music. There are tons of ideas implemented throughout the production and the writing of the EP and that’s really the best part about it. It’s a creation. It’s not just a simple pop EP. There’s art and creation at work here and you can respect that. Whether that’s atmosphere created by Ingle and producer Butch Walker or whether that’s the creative lyrics and melody style on “I Love You 5.” The worst part about it is simple. It’s time for an album. You’re not going to have all good songs on any release but when you automatically eliminate two or three chances of a good song by only included 8 tracks you’re already at a disadvantage. Again, it’s time for an album and one that should be coming this year. This EP shows some promise from Ingle like his previous work but it’s time for him to deliver on that with a full album. Ingle can write songs and his song writing is incredibly unique but it can get better than what it is. It’s not an amazing piece of music but it’s decent. If you’re looking for something light and easy to listen through, pick this up.


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