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Ra Ra Riot

Need Your Light

The fourth album from Ra Ra Riot is their most unique yet. Understanding that they’ve always done their own thing, that’s saying something for the indie act from Syracuse, NY. “Need Your Light” is the coolest Ra Ra Riot album so far and Wes Myles and his group will be expanding their audience even more with this record.

“Need Your Light” feels like a ten-minute album. Listening to this will fly by for most because it’s a cool care-free album. Myles’ voice is outstanding and his pension for crafting songs that work perfectly with his voice is almost unmatched. With this album, he’s at his best. That’s not to discredit the rest of the group through – the synth work here is as good as it’s ever been for Ra Ra Riot too. They take an old-school approach to synths so that they sound organic instead of piped in. They do a great job with all of their organic instruments too. Everything sounds legit.

I love “Need Your Light”. It’s Ra Ra Riot’s best album to date. There are a few odd moments on the album – mainly “Water” and “I Need Your Light” featuring Rostam – but they’re lovably odd. Fans of indie music will love this record, but fans of good music will surely love it too.


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