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Aero Nautical

“Aero Nautical” was the Panic Division album that wasn’t going to happen. After the last album, “Eternalism”, that was supposed to be it for Colton Holiday’s musical adventure. After some time off though, Holiday realized that he couldn’t stay away and he began work on a new Panic Divison album, one that would eventually turn into “Aero Nautical”. There are a number of reasons why this album sounds different than previous albums from Panic Division, but the main one is that Holiday started working in different ways.

Aero Nautical was produced as simply as possible with only Holiday doing the production. He got rid of his top-of-the line rig that he had done previous work on in the past and sat down and started working on an old laptop that could hardly handle what music he was making. The result is a simple, but refined, scaled-down album that sounds bigger than it is because of the tricks that Holiday used while engineering. It’s a throwback album of the early 80s. It sounds a bit like something the Talking Heads would do… they didn’t have the technology there is now, but that never stopped them from producing music that had its own dimensions. Holiday does something similar on this set by production that lets all of the sounds breathe into what he was doing. Whether it’s a vocal or a guitar part, he lets everything have its time to dominate the sound. A great example is the saxophone used on “The past Only Lingers”, a brilliant song with huge sound.

“Aero Nautical” sounds bigger than it is thanks to the craftsmanship of Holiday. The songs and lyrics are on par if not better than the previous albums and the production here is simple and eloquent, but extremely distinct. This is an amazing journey and one you should take with Panic Division immediately.


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