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After almost being a band for a decade, it’s pretty clear that Nashville’s Moon Taxi is who they’re going to be at this point. They’re the pop version of a modern-era southern rock outfit. Effectively, they’re like Kings of Leon but with a bit more soul. They’re kind of like a cross between California’s Cold War Kids and Kings of Leon. For their fourth record, “Daybreaker” they’ve settled into their formula comfortably and made a record that their fans and followers will like. It’s polished and smoothed, perfectly written, and plays to most of the bands strengths. Most of the record is pretty middle of the road stuff for the band – they have a lot of smooth melodic music with accenting guitars and Trevor Temdrup crooning over the top of everything.

Overall, it’s a good record but you can’t help but think that it would be better if the band opened things up and rocked out a bit more like they did with “The New Black” on their last record. That’s teased a bit on “Red Hot Lights” towards the end of the record, but they don’t completely let that one get as dirty and dingy as it could have been. Moon Taxi’s fourth album is really solid, but it doesn’t really give us anything that we didn’t get on the last record. This band has the capability to flat-out throw down with a style of dirty rock that I’d love to hear more of and they didn’t really do it on “Daybreaker”… maybe next time. The album is still really good.


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