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A Rush Of Blood to the Head

Two years after their critically and commercially successful debut album Parachutes, British quartet Coldplay has a delivered a masterful follow up, A Rush of Blood To The Head. From the opening track "Politik", with its explosive opening guitar riffs, to the the album's closing piano ballad "Amsterdam", this record gives the same emotional journey as Parachutes, but now with a little more urgency, and a little more maturity. The first single, "In My Place", is a catchy, keyboard driven song that only Coldplay could do. Singer Chris Martin even said that he believes that this is the best song they have done so far. He just might be right. We also see the growth and development of Martin's lyrics, especially in the soft, politically aimed title track. With lyrics like "I'm gonna buy a gun and start a war if you can show me something worth fighting for," shows that not only U2 can be politically in their music. But perhaps the stand-out track on this album would have to be "The Scientist", a beautifully crafted piano/guitar ballad, where Martin's vocals reach new heights that shown how he has grown as a singer since Parachutes. I thought of only one word after I listened to this album for the first time: Beautiful. It truly is. Coldplay has not disappointed, and only they could have created a worthy follow-up to their amazing debut album. If you want a beautifully crafted piece of music, pick this up. And even if you don't, get it anyway. It's Coldplay.


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