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Trapt Live

Live albums are strange beasts and they come in three separate species; 1.) The live album that’s put out because fans demanded it. 2.) The huge older band live album (Think Journey and Van Halen) that gets released to make some extra money on their die-hard fan base. They don’t have any new music coming out so they put out a live set. Easy cash. 3.) The live album that’s used to promote a new album. Sometimes labels do this with EPs but it’s also done with live sets. Release a live set with a couple of new songs and get people pumped up about the band again. Trapt “Live”, the new live set from Trapt is actually a combination of the two. Yes it’s true that Trapt fans have wanted a live set for awhile now, but remember that the guys also have a new album coming out here soon and this is the perfect way to promote it. It’s one of those promotional situations in music where everybody wins… except if nobody buys it everybody loses. Good thing for Trapt that this is a great live album and everybody should win. The first thing to note here are the two studio songs on this album. “Stay Alive” and “Everything to Lose” are both great songs and as of right now are set to appear on the album the band has coming out. “Stay Alive” could be a single pretty easily (there’s a video to the song that’s on this enhanced CD.) “Everything to Lose” is almost as good as “Stay Alive”, but barely misses it for single quality. The song’s last minute or so really rocks though so that’s a definite bonus. With the live songs you have to know that Trapt is an intense band live. They have been since they first got their start. This album does a great job of capturing that intensity. When lead singer Chris Brown talks about standing up for yourself before “Stand Up”, the crowd gets pissed, Brown gets pissed, and thus the listener gets a little pissed too. That’s the number one thing with any live album; if it captures that one defining quality of a band then it does its job. “Live” does that for Trapt. The live songs on this album they got about 90% of it right. Fan favorites “Still Frame”, “Made of Glass”, “Hollowman” and “Echo” are here. “Skin Deep” and “Stand Up” are here too and the thickness and the quality of the live album are performed perfectly. And of course the song that started it all “Headstrong” is here too. There are four omissions on this that absolutely should be here. “Bleed Like Me” isn’t here and neither is “Use Me to Use You” from “Someone in Control.” And from the self-titled album “Stories” isn’t here which is a great acoustic track; and the song that’s not here that absolutely should be here without a doubt is “These Walls.” That song is a fan favorite and it’s one of the poorest choices made by any radio/publicist person ever not to make that a single. “These Walls” would have done wonders for Trapt, it just never got a chance to. Personal grudges aside, the new Trapt album is worth your time, especially if you’re a fan of the band. There are two new tracks here and 9 live songs, and adequate amount of music for any Trapt fan. This is a great live album, the perfect warm up to the new album that’s due this fall, and what amounts to be one of those situations where everybody wins. Trapt fans get ready.


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