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Jason Mraz

Waiting For My Rocket To Come

Every once in a while someone comes along that sounds so different, so refreshing, that they deserve recognition for just saving us all from the monotony that the music industry has fallen into. Jason Mraz is a prime example of that sound, and his debut release "Waiting For My Rockets to Come" showcases it perfectly. With a style incomparable to anything in recent memory, Mraz proves that there is still a market for musical creativity. His single "The Remedy" displays his unique sound, with strong vocals and clever lyrics. Check out tracks like "Curbside Prophet", and you will find the creative mixtures of slide guitars and banjoes in ways never ventured, with ingenious lyrics, and a diverse style- Mraz doesn't miss a beat. Drawing inspiration from everywhere, Mraz sings of the pressures of the music industry and his struggle to stay true to his sound in "Too Much Food". Tracks like "Sleep All Day" and the opener "You And I Both" demonstrate brilliant melodies, with beautiful vocals. Perhaps one of the best sounding up and comers in the industry today, Jason Mraz is about it ride his rocket to the top.


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