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Transformers: The Movie

A decent soundtrack promotes everything. It promotes the movie obviously, but it can also promote a slew of artists on your label and that’s what “Transformers The Album” does for Warner Bros., it just happens that instead of 12 random tracks that have nothing to do with the movie or anything about it, a couple were written for it and everything on the album just happens to fit in perfectly. There are some things here that you’re not surprised to see at all. Linkin Park’s monster song of the summer “What I’ve Done” is here. A new Pumpkins track from their brand-new album is here too, as is stuff from Taking Back Sunday and The Used. Those tracks are fine; you knew there would have to be something from those artists on any WBR soundtrack. The interesting adds are the original songs (or I think original songs). The Goo Goo Dolls song “Before It’s Too Late” was written for the soundtrack and Reznik did an awesome job on it. Diturbed’s “This Moment”, which I’m not sure was written for the movie or not, is a good track too. The great songs on this album come from where you wouldn’t expect them to come from. The unknown bands/the newer bands have the really good songs on this album. Armor for Sleep and H.I.M. give you a couple of samples to what you can expect from them later on this summer/fall; and everybody finally gets to listen to the Orgy off-shoot techno project that is Julien-K. Mutemath does a good job with the Transformers theme (Black Lab does a better job, but that’s just me.) The song that steals the show though goes to Idiot Pilot and their song “Retina and the Sky.” It’s not in the movie, just on the disc. Dive into their stuff a little bit; you’ll dig it. It’s really good. They’ve got an album that comes out in August. Be excited for that. While this is pure promotional stuff, it helps that the music fits the movie and actually belongs on the soundtrack. Things came up all aces for WBR with the soundtrack and this movie. Not only does it fit the movie, but it promotes their artists too. This is the best soundtrack to a summer blockbuster this year, and if you’re into soundtracks/compilations check this out.


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