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No Second Troy


As an unsigned band these guys are extremely talented. They have a sound that’s unique but can also be likened to other artists and to a lot of music industry vets that’s important. When describing No Second Troy’s sound, one can think of a happy medium between Coldplay and Blue October. I know that’s a big scale but it’s the best way to describe it. The sonic brightness on most of the tracks is on this album ala Coldplay, but the dark, brooding vocals (sound not content) are here like Blue October. It’s a sound that draws comparisons but is still unique and refreshing. And it’s a sound that could get them a recording contract. As for “Narcotic”, it’s not bad. The majority of this record is good; pretty average. But there are some tracks that you should definitely listen to. Like the opener “Feint”, (which sets the mood for the album.) And the single “Burned” (which is a track that’s radio friendly everywhere and not just at college stations.) Special mention should be made for track 9 on the album, “In the End”, (which is not the most original song on the album, it’s the best.) These guys definitely have potential to get places, I think it’s going to take at least one more independent release but they definitely have the potential to do big things. Their sound is unique but mainstream accessible, the song writing is good, and the band itself is great. Look for big things from No Second Troy.


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