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The Graduate


If there’s a happy medium between Mae and Anberlin, The Graduate would be it. Whether they do it on purpose or not, they take a little bit from both band’s creative style and make it into their own polished, refined sound that’s on its own entirely. Take the band’s first single and the first song on the album, “Sit and Sink”, it’s a great song. But if you take out some of the big sweeping sounds that are in the album and just listen to the intricacies then you have Mae, but if you take away the intricacies and leave just the big sweeping sounds then you have Anberlin. In fact, The Graduate’s Corey Warning has a voice that is very similar to Mae’s Dave Elkins, but it’s a little deeper. I’ve never heard a band that is so similar to two other bands, but completely different. The industrial undertones, the high-pitched, super-creative guitar lines, almost everything can be linked to two different bands. Weird, but still cool. Even with the connections, this album is still really good. The first five tracks on this are outstanding. There’s a drop off after those first five tracks, it’s not a big drop off but it’s there. Apart from track 8- “Interlude” nothing after track five is as good as those first five tracks and that hurt’s the album, but even the 6 songs that are just okay, are still good. 50/50 can also be linked to transitions on this disc. They try some different things but only about half of them work, some are too long others are too short. Definitely listen to “Sit & Sink”, “I Survived”, “Bet it All”, “Anhedonia”, “The City that Reads”, and “Interlude.” All of the tracks I just mentioned are awesome. The Graduate is one of this year’s top newcomers, especially in the emo genre, but if this album was complete they’d get a better score.


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