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Only Rock and Roll Can Save Us Now

So you’ve probably read/heard the stories about how one of Hinder’s “goals” is to resurrect rock and roll. We’ve even ran a couple things to that subject matter here on Alternative Addiction. Unfortunately Hinder has become largely a pop act due to the success of their singles. If you ask me what their next album is going to sound like, I’d say it’s largely going to be a pop album. What does all this have to do with Louisiana-based Tyler Read? Welcome in the real saviors of rock and roll.

The band’s debut album for Immortal is amazing. This is an awesome set. From the opening track, “The Killer” Tyler Read sets a tone of pure rock. Moving from “The Killer” past “Intentions” to track 3, “Michael Jackson”, (which appears to be named after the music itself and not the lyrics), the rhythm is contagious and the music is catchy as hell. Some other tracks on the album that are awesome include “All You Need is Love, But” and “Get Ready. There are two or three stinkers on this album, “Private School Girls” sticks out as the most putrid. But really that’s it. This is a great set, and producer Michael Baskette appears to have done a remarkable job of honing the skills of these young musicians. If the cards fall in the right places over the next few months you are going to start hearing a lot about Tyler Read. With a potential to take over the world and the music to back it up it appears that the sky is the limit for these guys.


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