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Vena Sera

Yes, it’s true that there is a standard approach to most Chevelle songs. Guitar, high pitched, tool like vocals and in-general a hard albeit depressing approach to their music. On “Vena Sera”, that approach hasn’t been changed, but somehow this go around it seems a little fresher.

The criticisms are short and simple, there’s a slight repetitiveness from track to track, and there’s also a tendency for Chevelle to take the safe route with things (i.e. just turning the hell up out of the guitars when they could do something a little more artistic.)

There are however more good things to talk about with this album than bad. One of my main things with this album is that the songwriting is generally better. From track to track, this album kicks the crap out of “This Type of Thinking”, and on a lot of levels is just as good as “Wonder What’s Next.”
The songs have the general tone they’ve always had but there are different things that have been added that spice things up a little bit. Take the minute long intro on the opening track “Antisaint”, or take breath and the scream beginning of the single “Well Enough Alone”, while these tracks aren’t drastically different from the band’s normal approach, that little something that changes things up a little bit is what makes this album the second-best Chevelle album (nothing they do is going to out-do “Wonder What’s Next”.)


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