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Threads of Life

The most surprising thing about Shadows Falls major label deal is how long it took for a major to pick them up. These guys have been at this for a decade now and have been damn good at it. They've had a couple of lineup changes since their start, Brian Fair wasn't the band's first lead singer and drummer Jason Bittner didn't start until the year 2000. Both prove themselves as more than capable on "Threads of Life."

This band was formed by Jonathan Donais and Matthew Bachand and that's where the band's strength has always been. On the band's new album "Threads of Life", that's still the case. The solo work is amazing, and the chugging work is equally impressive. Another impressive aspect of this album is Fair's vocals. They're screaming is good and loud and really pushes back when he has to, but he actually sings too. Take the ballad "Another Hero Lost," it's a softer song and Fair's vocal is impressive. Another strong point on the album is another softer song- "The Great Collapse" and even though it's short and instrumental, it's still good. It's clear that these guys can play, but showing off some range and showing they can do ballads and plain modern rock track's wouldn't hurt.

Metal heads will want to punch me in the face for saying this, but the best thing that these guys could do is take a small step away from Metal. I'm not saying drop it, or even stop making that who they are. But this band couldn't hurt itself by doing 6-7 solid metal songs, a couple of straight forward modern rock tracks, and a couple of ballads. Having more than one face to your music is a good thing.

In terms of metal, Shadows Fall can bring it just as good, if not better than anyone else can these days. They'll have a spot on Ozzfest or some other tour this summer to show that off, but these guys can make music for everybody, not just metal fans. It's just a shame that they'll consider doing so selling out and they won't do it.


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