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Goodnight City

Better With the Lights Down

Atlanta based GoodNight City is pretty damn good. Maybe their sound isn’t exactly fresh (it’s pop punk after all), but it’s still good. The first two songs, are excellent (as they usually are on independent releases.) “Picture Perfect” is slightly reminiscent to another Atlanta based pop punk outfit Cartel in places, and a less childish Simple Plan in others. The second song on the album “Tragedy” is where this album hits the jack pot though- great song. It’s already a great song, but with some major label polishing it’d be burning up your radio every six seconds. That’s no lie. From there on out all of the songs are just decent- but the first two songs definitely make GoodNight City worth checking out.

This is an independent release and a good one. The standards are slight different from major releases, and it should be noted that these guys are just starting out, but GoodNight City now has two good releases under their belts. This band is a major label band, no doubt about it. Somebody just has to be slapped in the head and told so. Three and half stars because it’s in limbo between EP and LP status and only two on the songs are excellent, while the remaining five are just okay. Still something you should check out. Recommended.


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