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Nine Days

Slow Motion Life (Part One)

The Long Island band is back from a long hiatus and they’re just as good as they were, maybe a little better. All of the parts are still there that made them so successful the first time around. The song writing is still exceptional; the harmonies between John Hampson and Brian Desveux are some of the best around; and the chemistry that made Hampson, Desveux, and the rest of Nine Days a great band is still their bread and butter.

As far as EPs go this is as good as it gets. The six songs on this disc are all exceptional. “A Girl in California” starts the record out well, it’s one of the band’s better songs and you are reminded instantly on how smooth Hampson’s vocals actually are. Track 2 is the catchy “Suddenly (A Brown Eyed Girl)” and when you listen through it you’re reminded how much fun a song with Desveux on lead can be. Apart from Desveux and Hampson, the rest of the band is great too. Vincent Tatanelli stays in the pocket and is the perfect drummer for the type of band Nine Days is. Jeremy Dean’s keys add another dimension to the songs, and Nick Dimichino fills the other part of the rhythm section with some great bass work. After the first two songs things kick into another gear with the remaining four songs: “Worth Fighting For”, “Just As Through With You”, “New Shoes”, and “Brand New Me.” Every song is better than the next and the disc culminates with “Brand New Me” a song that’s similar to “If I Am” (just the song not the content), and might rank up there as one of the band’s best songs.

There’s only one piece of bad news with the “Slow Motion Life” EP. It’s just an EP! Beggars can’t be choosers though, and for now it’s just good to have the band back. The good news with the EP though is it’s called “Slow Motion Life (part one)” so one can assume there will be a part two. This is money well spent, go to and pick it up. This EP is a must for Nine Days fans and a must for fans of good music. Welcome back Nine Days!


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