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The Mooney Suzuki

Have Mercy

I have absolutely nothing good to say about The Mooney Suzuki's "Have Mercy." I'm amazed that these guys are still allowed to make music. Their old label dropped them (Columbia), which wasn't surprising, but then V2 picks them up. And that's surprising. Seriously, what is the appeal of The Mooney Suzuki? "Alive and Amplified" was an okay song, but that's it.

On their latest effort (I emphasize effort) there's only one song that's even moderate, and that's the first song "99%". Then everything else is horrible. What's worse is all of these songs are too long. Two minutes would be long enough for a Mooney Suzuki song, but instead they're are two three minute songs, five four minute songs, two five minute songs, and one six minute song about lead singer's Sammy James Jr.'s obsession with Alcohol. And the song isn't funny, it's not good, it's not anything. It's a six minute song about Alcohol.

Enough's enough, Mooney Suzuki. Stop making music, please! Don't buy this album. Don't touch it. Don't even pick up the insert in the bathroom if there's no more toilet paper, it's that bad.


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