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The Feeling

Twelve Stops and Home

The latest act to cross the Atlantic from UK and go for stardom here in the U.S. are Sussex, England’s The Feeling. In the UK these guys are currently one of the biggest bands there. They’re album “Twelve Stops and Home” is a huge hit. The four singles off of that album made The Feeling the most played band in the UK in 2006, (the singles were played 97,436 times in the UK last year- that’s approx. every 5 minutes.)

It’s easy to hear why this is such a successful release in the UK. It’s because it’s really REALLY good. Alternative music fans can appreciate the record because of the artistic effort in it. All of these songs are incredibly original but they still draw from strong influences. The pop junkies will latch on to it instantly because it’s filled with catchy songs. “Sewn” is one of the best songs I heard last year- and that’s dragged on into 2007. Expect it to start getting some airplay on radio later this month and expect it to start getting some serious airplay in March of 07. Other great songs on this disc; “Never Be Lonely”, “Love it When You Call”, and “I Want You Know.”

The Feeling has built its sound based on popular 70’s rock acts to come from their country. And not only have they done enough to make those influences proud, they’ve created a sound all their own. These guys are going to be one of 2007’s best bands here in the states just like they were in the UK. Look out for The Feeling


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