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Coasts EP

Coasts’ self-titled EP is an enjoyable listen with a couple of songs that have been around for a while – “Oceans” and “A Rush of Blood to the Head.” They’re both great songs, and the other two songs on the EP are great too. The only problem is that there are only four songs on the EP.

The problem with this EP is that there are only four songs. For a band like Coasts – a band that’s dynamic and comes out you like a giant tidal wave of sound – that’s not enough. Coasts is too complex for EPs. Maybe not necessarily lyrically, but sonically. On all four of these songs, even the mellow finishing track “Wallow”, there are a ton of nuances that can catch the ears of the audience. There are layers and layers of sound with every track on this EP.

The music is good, but the story with this EP just feels incomplete. Coasts can be more than it is. There’s so much potential with the band, that it just feels like they’re not reaching that here. Four good songs are awesome - you just get the feeling that the EP format doesn't fit these guys as good as an album approach would.


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