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Feral Sun


With something of a renaissance going on with British rock in general, London’s Feral Sun felt the time was right to re-release their debut album in more favorable conditions. Quiet right as clearly ‘Evacuate’ deserves a second coming and further promotion, such is its quality. Plowing the same furrow as bands like early era Stone Sour or Alter Bridge in the guitar department, it’s left to the rasping vocals of Mick Burns, the ripping guitar solos and the distortion to give Feral Sun a British edge. The galloping title track or the superb ‘Falling’ will no doubt cause a few aching necks when the band take to the road early next year and yet Feral Sun contrast the modern metal mayhem with a skillful subtlety on the power ballad ‘Breath’ or the chunky Nirvana tinged ‘People Dying’. With a pin sharp production and enough melody to appeal to the mainstream ‘Evacuate’ should see the profile of Feral Sun rise during 2015 and is just further evidence, if any were needed, that Britain does indeed produce first class hard rock bands.


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