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The sixth album from Three Days Grace and their second with vocalist Matt Walst is Outsider
Three Days Grace isn’t going to make an album that can stand out differently than what it’s done before. This is a good thing. Even with a new singer, you could instantly identify their last album, Human as a Three Days Grace work, the same thing can be said of this album. Once the guitars hit you can instantly tell that these songs are Three Days Grace songs. To have that type of quality is rare, only a few bands in rock ‘n’ roll have been able to have that distinct of a sound. As for Outsider what we’re instantly drawn into is how smart the record is lyrically. “Right Left Wrong” is a song about political nonsense. “The Mountain” is a happy song about overcoming odds to accomplish something. “The New Real” is about today’s social media obsession and today’s populous being obsessed with trying to be someone important all the time. The topics vary from song to song, but it seems like every single one of them is relatable in one way or another.

Surprisingly, Matt Walst is one of the better parts of this record too. On “Human” Adam Gontier’s presence was missed. Here, it’s not. Gontier does an amazing job on this record. Good enough to make you think that he was a part of the band the whole time and not just for the past two records.

Outsider will keep longtime fans of Three Days Grace happy. For mainstream rock records in 2018, it works surprisingly well. This is a great record and one that I’d recommend to anyone.


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