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Greatest Hits: Gods Favorite Band

For fans of any band, a greatest hits collection from your favorite act used to be a must-own. It was a way to listen to all the singles by having just one disc, tape, or record. Now? It seems like kind of a trivial release that’s more about an accomplishment for a band than it is about a purchase by fans. A notable example is Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band from Green Day. It’s just one song longer than International Superhits - the last time Green Day out a collection like this.

For a one set collection, it’s pretty solid. I’m not sure it could be curated any better than it is. Everything seems to be in order and everything from Dookie to 21st Century Breakdown is covered to perfection here. There are a few omissions, but that’s not as big of a deal with everyone paying streaming service fees these days anyway. As expected, not a lot is on this collection from their trilogy of albums Uno! Dos! And Tre! - there’s only one song from the collection on this, but that’s all that really needed to be here. There are two new songs on the collection – “Back in the USA” – a song that’s not going to blow anyone away, but still a good Green Day track – and “Ordinary World” – a heartfelt duet with Miranda Lambert.

It used to be that these albums were necessary holiday cash grabs from the industry, but now they just feel a little unnecessary. Die hard fans who are slightly younger than listeners from the 90's might think about picking this up as a keepsake, but the rest of the music market will listen to this on Spotify and treat it like a playlist instead of an actual release.


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