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Smoke Against The Beat

The rock duo is an interesting concept. The modern era starts with The White Stripes. More recent, Middle Class Rut made a splash with their song “New Low” a few years back and have been solid since. Of course, the current reigning kings of the rock duo are from the UK… Royal Blood is outstanding. The newest duo to join that group, and to hopefully give the guys in Royal Blood a run, is French duo The Dukes. The band is getting ready to take on the U.S. with their new album, “Smoke Against The Beat.”

The Dukes are Francois Malgret and Greg Jacks and what they did with “Smoke Against The Beat” is impressive. The album starts off with a badass anthem, “Just In Case” and it’s the perfect case study of what these two guys are capable of. They match acoustic/electric guitar with killer drum parts to create a sound that’s dynamic and addictive. “Just In Case” is a favorite song to come out this year and with a little luck, can keep gaining momentum and really get these guys an audience. The rest of the album is just as good. “Smoke Against The Beat” – the title track off the album - might be better than “Just In Case.” It’s like a Hives song on steroids. “The Great Escape” is another personal favorite on the album. It embraces a lot of space in the music but it’s like a hurricane of sound. There are moments of mellow before you’re smashed in the face with a raucous chorus. Those are just a few highlights, the entire album is OUTSTANDING.

This rocks in big, bold ways. There’s stuff that’s out there that’s close to this sonically, but nothing is as close to being as good. Awesome album. Go and listen to it as soon as you can. The Dukes’ “Smoke Against The Beat” comes out on 7/28/2017.


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