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Kaleidoscope EP

For some reason Coldplay just put out the Kaleidescope EP, it’s an EP that features five songs. Four of the songs have already been released as singles. That head-scratcher aside, this is a five song EP that’s not bad, but it continues the trend of “Ghost Stories” and “A Head Full of Dreams” from Coldplay. it’s a bit boring.

“All I Can Think About Is You” is desperately dull. If it didn’t have some beautiful piano in the middle of the song it would be unbearable. The fact that the song is 4:34 in length is insane. It builds up for 2:30 minutes before it picks up, but by the time it does, it’s too late. “Miracles (Someone Special)” featuring Big Sean is an enjoyable moment on the set. “A L I E N S” is a decent song but nothing that will endure as a Coldplay favorite. The live version of “Something Just Like This” with The Chainsmokers – meh. It’s not stale in terms of the mainstream music market, but the rest of us think it’s been played out. To feature it on an EP when it’s been out for months is an odd decision too. The EP is rounded out by a new mix of “Hypnotised” and it challenges the start of “All I Can Think About Is You” on the boredom scale, and because it has a run time of 6:31… it probably wins.

It’s not a bad EP, but it’s not a good one either. If you’re a huge fan of the band, you’re already listening to this. If you’re a casual Coldplay listener you can wait until the next album and be just fine.


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