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Kid Runner

Body Language EP

Kid Runner’s latest EP is “Body Language”. The EP is a step forward for the Columbus, OH group and it flashes some serious potential.

Contrasting this EP from their last release, they’ve updated their sound to a 90s pop influenced outfit with light use of synths. Their last EP, “Wake Up Now” was heavy with synths which made them sound more like an 80s influenced group. On songs like “Illuminate” maybe they don’t stray that far from what they’ve done in the past. But on songs like “Give Me Something to Love” and “Don’t Change Me” they come off more like the current generation’s Len. The second song on the EP is so sweet and catchy that it has to be checked for cavities.

There’s a little bit of some average stuff here, but for the most part this EP is superb. I’ve been a big fan of the band for the past couple of years and I’m still in their camp. There surely will be more people in that camp by the time they’re done pushing this EP.


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