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Wild Life

On their fourth U.S. record label, the biggest reason why Hedley has stayed relevant over the past eight years is because they've shaped, evolved, and changed their sound to fit with modern times. That's why they've had four record contracts. Hedley has modified their music to fit with the times and they've done it well. They started out as a pop punk band, turned into a rock band, switched to pop, went briefly into pop rock, now they're all pop on their fifth album. Never has Hedley had an album that fit in with the modern music landscape as well as their latest record, Wild Life. It's a dancy record with a lot of programming and hook after hook in every song. There's oos there's ahhs, and there's a lot of nananananannanas. It's a pop record through and through and for it's part- it's a good one. Most of these songs are worth listening to regularly and a few of them you'll find yourself listening to over and over again.

Jacob Hoggard and Hedley adapt with the times. It's why they're still here and still have another chance to make it in the U.S. on the scale that they're used to operating in Canada. if it doesn't happen, somebody will give them U.S. record contract number five with their next album in two years.


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