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Thief Club

My Heavy

Thief Club will be a band that’s familiar with fans of Hit The Lights as it’s the side project of singer Nick Thompson, or if you like a solo project. No surprise then, given his input, that it sounds not dissimilar to Hit the Lights whose last album ‘Invicta’ was something of an undiscovered gem in the pop punk genre.
As far as pop punk goes there’s some admirable material on offer, although Thompson’s nasal delivery grates on continued listening.
‘Weight With You’ hints at All Time Low, opener ‘Fragile Eyes’ skips along with a certain pace and panache. Valencia’s Shane Henderson contributes on the hooky pop punk anthem ‘Follow You’ whilst the title track-a song combining hard rock and pop punk reminiscent of Sum 41- features Cartel’s Will Pugh. There’s some extremely commerical material on ‘My Heavy’ plus some curveballs to keep things interesting. The piano lead ‘The First Place’ or album closer ‘DMT’with its Autotune and synthetic drum beats lead the way although the sugary vocal delivery ultimately makes the latter feel slightly out of place.
If you’re into the pop punk genre there’s plenty here to get excited about, if you’re not then you might just find the predictability and the vocal style tedious.


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