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One Less Reason


Tennessee rock band One Less Reason has released their long awaited full length debut. While this may not be the way the band envisioned it, having been let go from Universal Records and being forced to release the album independently, this album will definitely not let their fans down. If there is one word that describes One Less Reason, it’s intense. Intense lyrics, intense vocals, intense guitars, and intense emotions are poured into every song on this stellar debut record. From the opening track, “What You Are..” to the impressive new single “Really Bad Analogy”, One Less Reason’s intensity never waivers. Perhaps the most impressive track on this CD is the song “Favorite Color” which showed promise when Universal sent the song out to radio last year. The unforgettable hook is what makes this song so incredible, and so deserving of a place in the spotlight on modern radio. Also impressive are the tracks “77” and “Snow Angels” both displaying the same raw talent and rocking hooks that make this band so addictive. Also noteworthy is “All I Know” which displays the bands diversity with an impressive melodic sound. What’s made bands like Staind, Incubus and Fuel successful is their ability to write a modern rock song with underlying melodic hooks, and One Less Reason’s music possesses this same unique ingredient. Now the only question is how long it will take for a record label to realize One Less Reason deserves to be heard.


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