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Road to Revolution

Linkin Park’s new live DVD “Road to Revolution” is the band’s best live DVD to date. It captures the energy and the sound of the band as good if not better than any other video presentation of the band has. The camera work is great throughout, the editing has a few places where they transition between cameras too fast, but really that’s all there is to gripe about. The band’s performance at Melton Keynes on June 29th was captured well by the audio and visual crews who are responsible for this DVD. The overall mix is outstanding and the concert itself is outstanding as well. Even the set list was great on this show. As for the live CD that comes with this, it’s the audio portion of the DVD, nothing amazing, but a good listen when you’re missing Linkin Park in March. Songs that really stand out off of this live set. “One Step Closer” sets up the rest of the album by coming out on fire. The stuff featuring Jay-Z is awesome. And the live version of “Shadow of the Day” sounds awesome. “Road to Revolution” is another great Linkin Park set, you’d have liked to see it bundled with a B-side or something, but nonetheless it’s an accurate presentation of the band’s energy and sound in their live performance.


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