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Live at Wembley Stadium

It seems like everybody is doing a Live at Wembley album. Green Day, Muse, and now The Foo Fighters. That and Red Rocks are the premiere places for bands to choose for a DVD effort and the Foos not only went with the venue, they went with the name too. “Live at Wembley Stadium.” The camera work on here is decent, it’s nothing to rave about but it will do as far as a live concert goes. As for the audio, the audio on this DVD is brilliant, a solid mix was done by Nick Raskulinecz and provided is stereo and 5.1 audio. “Skin and Bones” (the Foo Fighters’ last DVD, acoustic) was a better show overall and a better set than “Live at Wembley Stadium”, but the new DVD has a better audio mix than that one so that makes it stand out a little bit. As far as the track listing goes, you get eighteen tracks that are performed well and transitioned to and from throughout very well. The order of the set is strong, the set itself is strong, and music, video, and audio-quality, there’s not much to gripe about here. It’s just a standard live DVD, it’s cool, but it’s nothing amazing. If you have a Foo Fighters DVD go to that for what this sounds like except with songs from the new album, if you don’t have a DVD and you’re in to that kind of thing, hit this up, you won’t regret it.


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