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Jon McLaughlin

OK Now

Jon McLaughlin’s new album “OK Now” isn’t what’s usually featured here on Alternative Addiction and to say that it’s a stretch from his debut album “Indiana” would be putting it lightly. Still, there’s an endearing quality to it that can be appreciated. The songwriting, whether you’re into it or not can be appreciated. Everything is written wonderfully and each song has a decent hook and great movement to it. On the new record, Jon McLaughlin shows more flare and personality. While it’s hard to be into it 100% for some of the songs, you have to appreciate the personality that’s given to the music. “Indiana” was a decent record, but where it fell short in places was its personality. A lot of the songs were good, but in places it felt like the soundtrack to Sisters of the Traveling Pants. Good for some, not good for most. “Ok Now” comes out with a funk and R&B styling and the album sounds like what an Adam Levine (Maroon 5) solo album would sound like. It’s not for people who only like Alternative music, but if you like music in general, you can appreciate McLaughlin’s work on “OK Now.” Overall this is a good record, maybe a little bit too full of flare in spots, but still better than average.


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