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Take it to the Limit

If Hinder falls into one hit wonder territory it won’t be because of the music they’ve made. When it comes to their music “Extreme Behavior” was good, but their sophomore release “Take it to the Limit” is even better. The songs on “Take it to the Limit” trump “Extreme Behavior” as a group. There’s not a song on the new record that’s as good as “Lips of An Angel” but you get the feeling that they’re never going to be able to match that song. What “Take it to the Limit” does effectively more than what the band could have hoped for; it pays homage to their influences more than one would think. You hear Aerosmith, Motley Crue, and Guns ‘n’ Roses influences throughout this album. Sometimes it gets redundant, but most of the time it’s impressive. They attacked those bands’ specific sounds and pulled them off well. And they even attacked those bands’ sounds on the same song a lot of the times. “Loaded and Alone” has a lot of Slash style-guitar riffs, and the chorus of the song sounds like Aerosmith. If you want to hear Motley Crue’s influence on Hinder- “Use Me” is the perfect example. The beat and tempo of the song matches it with the Crue, and “Take it to the Limit” actually has Mick Mars of Motley Crue playing on the track. Overall the tracks on “Take it to the Limit” are impressive, the only time the band really struggles is on a couple of ballads where they’re trying to recreate the sound from “Lips of an Angel”, “The Best is Yet to Come” tries too hard. But even though the verses are terrible- the chorus is likeable and saves face. “Thing for You” however, really that song sounds like a Bryan Adams song of all things and that really means the band was trying too hard. Hinder’s “Take it to the Limit” shows improvement for Hinder from the band’s debut. Not to be taken too seriously, this is a straight-across rock record that serves the people who want to listen to it well.


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