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Dear Science

While it can be a little too artistic for most, the avid music fan loves TV on the Radio. It’s Hip-Hop, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Prince, and Bright Eyes all rolled into one. It’s more artistic than all of those groups combined too. It’s overly ambitious at times, but all in all TV on the Radio can be a tremendous listening experience- you’ve just got to give it a chance. “Dear Science,” the latest TV on the Radio doesn’t suffer from the constrictions that their previous work does. While still being heavily artistic- (listen to the string arrangements and the horns throughout the record- they can be amazing) they also simplified things slightly so they are easier to grasp for the common listener. “Dear Science,” easily trumps “Cookie Mountain” because it doesn’t come off as pretentious and it can be taken more seriously at the same time. The last album was extremely compulsive and sporadic. That’s not a bad thing, but it gets tiresome after forty minutes. There’s a lot more melody to this record and thus it’s better. If you like Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket, and stuff like that- this is for you- you might even like TV on the Radio more than those bands, if you don’t listen to that type of music there’s really not a good place to jump in if you don’t have a wide palette of musical tastes.


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