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Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman

The Fabled City

Wow. Tom Morello returns as his alter-ego the Nightwatchman with another album called “The Fabled City” an album that overshadows the last release “One Man Revolution” in a number of ways. The full band approach taken to “The Fabled City” knocks the hell out of the one man, one guitar approach taken on “One Man Revolution” I get that those songs were about different things and that was what Morello was going for on that last album, but this album stomps that for overall emotion. “The Fabled City” is still political- which at this point in music I always say “meh” to, but when Morello talks about politics and sings about politics he knows what he’s talking about and sings about the everyday person and the everyday American and how they make it through a day on “The Fabled City.” He sings about that instead of how much he hates Bush or how much he hates our government. It’s a welcome change of approach and it’s something that hasn’t really been tackled before on an album like this. Song for song “The Fabled City” is twice the album that “One Man Revolution” was and I loved that album. Songs that you have to listen to- the title track “The Fabled City”, “Whatever It Takes”, “The King of Hell”, and “Saint Isabelle.” "The Fabled City" proves that Morello can do this on his own for the rest of his career if he wants to. This is a suggested release for anyone who likes good music.


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