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Louis XIV

The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

Ok! So this San Diego quartet may just be the next big thing and along with The Sights they may have produced the garage release of 2005. But that doesn’t mean that you have to like them. Other critics may fawn over this over hyped and extraordinarily overrated band, but I make no apologies for stating that this is one of the worst releases that I have heard. Mixing styles from the 60’s and 70’s may seem like a great idea, you know, Bowie, The Kinks T Rex, and it has proved a successful formula for many bands. The root problem here however is a total lack of song-writing ability, combined with banal lyrical content (wasn’t that a much maligned trait of 80’s hair metal) and a comical delivery.

Originating from the band Convoy, ‘TBLSAK’ combines songs from their self released album and E.P’s with new material. The clumsy leaden-footed drum-work and the retro recording method, add to the awkward pastiche of material on offer. ‘Illegal Tender’ lies somewhere between early Bowie and ‘Dirty Deeds’ era AC/DC, with its tongue in cheek delivery, whilst ‘Finding Out True Love is Blind’ and many of the other songs showcased here sound like The Strokes doing Small Faces covers. Jason Hill chooses not to sing, preferring instead to talk his way through the songs to which he contributes, and for all its behind the bike-shed’s sexual bravado ‘TBLSAK’ remains an album void of flow, joie de vivre and musicality. The immature lyrics highlighted by the crass line “We don’t have to go to the pool if you want me to make you wet” speak volumes for an album that for many may just have a certain je ne sais quoi, but for me Merde is a far more accurate description.


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