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Eric Hutchinson

Sounds Like This

Weird story with this record. Hutchinson was supposed to make a record for Maverick but then the Maverick break-up with Warner happened, Hutchinson ultimately went on without a label making this record on his own, but then Warner Bros. picked it up. Not your usual storyline but I think it worked out to Hutchinson's favor. Instead of some stuffy A&R guy telling him what music to make Hutchinson borrows more from his influences (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, The Beatles) and infuses them into a unique style that really couldn't have been generated in a major label atmosphere. "Sounds Like This" sounds a lot like Daniel Powter in places, don't get me wrong, but it also borrows more from Stevie Wonder than anything I've heard in the past ten years. It's original but not original in that aspect but it's what also makes it so appealing to casual and hardcore music fans alike. There's even a ton of electric piano on here- not a little- a ton- it sounds like Stevie's playing on this record with him. It's insane. That does get stale at the end of the record, and some interesting rhythms accompanying the music make its luster last a little longer than usual. But there are more strong songs than weak songs, more foot-tapping than boredom and more good than bad overall with “Sounds Like This”. With several potential hit singles and a lot of great moments on this record- it’s easy to believe that Hutchinson will continue to make big.


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