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Better Than Ezra

Before the Robots

The New Orleans trio Better Than Ezra return with their long anticipated follow up to 2001’s “Closer”. The band returns with their fifth studio album “Before the Robots”, and while four years may have passed, and they may have switched labels, after one listen to the opening chords of the first track “Burned”, it’s immediately clear that Better Than Ezra has not missed a beat. From the hook filled “Burned” the album flows into the heartfelt “Daylight” which is simply just Better Than Ezra doing what they do best. A melodic tune backs Kevin Griffin’s unmistakable voice, and unforgettable lyrics. Also noteworthy are the tracks “Overcome” and “Special”, both cleverly arranged ballads, which are backed by synthesized keyboards reminiscent of the sound off the band’s third album “How Does Your Garden Grow”. Next is the upbeat “American Dream” which rivals even the most hook filled songs off of “Closer”, with its clever lyrics and soaring choruses. Perhaps the most impressive track off of this album is “Our Last Night”, telling a heartfelt personal story of love lost, while still finding a way to connect on an emotional level with every listener, something that Better Than Ezra still does better than just about anyone else. The album closes with the impressive tracks “Our Finest Year” and “Breathless”. Just like their previous albums, Before The Robots is crammed with hook filled, unforgettable tracks that prove even after all this time, Better Than Ezra is still one of the most talented and inspiring bands in the music industry today.


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