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The Sights

The Sights

Detroit trio The Sights, have matured immensely since their 1999 ‘Are You Green’ debut, evolving from a near power pop trio with a touch of garage through to a fully fledged Garage band. Reminiscent of many of their Detroit kissing cousins-although the scene remains massively over-hyped- and without a hint of plagiarism, The Sights exhibit a more psychedelic roundness to their music. ‘Circus’ and ‘Backseat’ show a fondness for The Doors with their shimmering Hammond organ whilst the bluesy garage pop of ‘Will I be There’ and ‘Last Chance’ demonstrate that they have more than one string to their motor city bow. The inclusion of the dreamy ‘Waiting on a Friend’ further enhances the eclecticism and although this ultimately proves to be their Achilles heel, there’s know denying the class on offer. Along with Louis XIV, The Sights represent the best that garage music has to offer in 2005.


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