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My Morning Jacket

Evil Urges

It’s always harder to review something and classify something when it’s been designed to be indefinable. My Morning Jacket has created themselves to be that over the past ten years and they cement themselves with that status with their latest album “Evil Urges.” On one end you have Prince and other funk influences and then on the other end you have country and alt/country influences and eventually those two genres are met at a halfway point with My Morning Jacket, some songs are closer to each other than others on this album, that’s still what you’ve got. It’s an interesting mash up to be sure and it makes “Evil Urges” bounce all over the place with a strong amount of variety. Musically isn’t the only place where My Morning Jacket’s latest is all over the place, it’s all over the place lyrically too. In some spots it’s straight up love making music and then in other spots it’s hippy doob-smoking music and then in other parts it’s what’s wrong with society music… again this album bounces all over the place. My Morning Jacket’s latest, “Evil Urges” is a cool listen the first and second times through, and it’s definitely a good piece of art, but the odds are slim that you’ll keep coming back to this particular album to listen because it can get stale sometimes. It’s creative and a strong accomplishment but I don’t know if that makes it entertaining. At the very least it will be some of the time.


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