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Raine Maida

The Hunters Lullaby

It’s always refreshing when a solo artist’s work is drastically different than the band’s work that he’s known for. Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace is the latest solo artist to make a different kind of solo record. His solo debut, “The Hunter’s Lullaby” mixes some pop, some folk, and even quite a bit of hip-hop into a record that isn’t just smart and creative- it’s entertaining too. Maida covers a couple of different things lyrically on this record, he covers a lot of his youth and a lot of his career being upstarted as well as some social issues because Raine has been heavy into those issues over the past five to ten years. All in all this is a great solo debut from Maida- he’s created something that’s both creative and insightful- the best song on here has got to be “Yellow Brick Road”, it’s a folkish pop number that mixes some hip hop into it. It’s almost like Raine Maida singing a Mat Kearney song; it works. Maida’s solo debut isn’t going to make him a full-time solo artist but it’s still a great album to listen through to hear what else is in Maida’s head musically.


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