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You can expect female vocalists to come out a dime a dozen like this over the next year because of all of the success that Amy Winehouse did. Vocalists with sultry, deep-toned, almost raspy voices. Island’s take on that particular style is Duffy and she’s not bad. She’s actually really good. Her voice is just as good as Winehouse’s and her songs are more enjoyable, instead of the soul/standard offerings that Winehouse offered up Duffy channels a more Motown version of soul like Marvin Gaye and the Temptations, but obviously with a female voice. The music is toned down considerably on every song on this record with the exception of the single “Mercy” and the production almost has a retro-feel to it so that it sounds a lot like it was actually recorded in the 60’s, something that can get Duffy some serious bonus points. Duffy’s debut album “Rockferry” is a fun set that’s more retro than modern, more good than bad, and more fun than boring. Give Island some credit for picking up an artist with a considerable amount of talent, but give them more credit for using her the right way. I’m not sure that she’ll have all of the success that Winehouse has had, which in a large part is due to her colorful personality, but she’ll definitely do some damage on the pop charts. She’s got the potential to be a successful long term investment for the label- a very good artist.


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