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Gavin Rossdale’s “Wanderlust” is probably one of the most overdue solo projects of all time. After Bush went on hiatus, one thought that a solo career was imminent, but instead Rossdale went with institute, a harder/edgier version of Bush. After he was done with institute and this solo project was announced you’d expect him to go back to his days in Bush with his style. That didn’t happen. Gavin Rossdale’s debut solo album “Wanderlust” not only sounds absolutely nothing like institute but it borders on not sounding anything like Bush either. Rossdale’s vocals on this album are the best that they’ve ever been. From tracks 1 to 12 he’s not forcing anything, he’s not gargling-nails screaming, he’s letting the music come to him and he’s never sounded better as a vocalist. With Rossdale’s solo stuff he sounds like there’s music behind his voice not him being an accent to the music. This is great vocal work from Rossdale. As far as the songs go; this set is the best that he’s written since “Sixteen Stone”, but they could never be on “Sixteen Stone” because this isn’t anything close to a rock record, it’s actually more of a pop record than anything else. Luckily for Rossdale, it happens to be a good pop record full of some great songs. Classics on this album that top some of the old Bush songs include “Can’t Stop the World”, “Frontline” “Love Remains the Same”, “Forever May You Run” and “Beauty in the Beast.” All of these songs have infectious choruses and all of these songs are great throughout. “Wanderlust” only struggles when it goes away from the pop-styled songs that I talked about, in fact when the music goes towards more of an industry vibe like some of the older Bush stuff the music isn’t as good. “Future World” is a class A example of this as well as “This is Happiness”, they’re to be avoided at all costs. “Wanderlust” is a nice solo album from Gavin Rossdale and a true solo album because it’s nothing like either of his two previous bands. He’s more capable as an artist, producer, and songwriter than people give him credit for and there are hopes that this album could turn that label around.


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